Monday, March 27, 2017

Rabbit Patch

Join me on a walk through a 
cotton candy color splashed garden...

This narrow patch is full of 
rabbits and bunnies in all sizes and attitude...

scaling crystal vases...

carrying baskets...

and the smallest hold the questions
for the guests to answer.

A wide satin ribbon replaces a napkin ring 
to create a broad color accent 
and to match the bunnies.

A few frolic... 
while another 
pulls her bunny close.

two stand at attention 
beside a tiny tureen...

the strongest
raises and lifts the featured guest.

With a final accent of flowers and grass,
 the Rabbit Patch
 is complete.

The table details are simple.
Paint everything white.

For robin eggs, select eggs 
with texture (i.e. sparkles, etc). 
Paint thick layer(s) of white 
to create a "bumpy" shell 
and add speckles of pink.

For pedestal height, 
glue a candlestick holder
to the base of birdhouses and trays,
securing a pink ribbon.

Whatever your color choice... 

enjoy the season's abundant harvest.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Lemons and Sunshine

Hello Spring! 
I'm joining a group of talented women, 
hosted by my innovative friend, Chloe, 
from Celebrate and Decorate, for a  
Spring Tablescape Blog Hop.
The links are listed below.
Be sure and check out all the beautiful settings.

The color of Spring is surely yellow 
and a monochromatic tone
gives this setting a gorgeous hue.

Cupcakes, lemons, and miniature daffodils 
complete the seasonal table with a soft touch of ease.

Simply tie a sunburst napkin around the potted flowers 
and water pitcher.

Fill the vases with sliced lemons.

Place cupcakes in decorative cupholders.
Unable to find holders?
Wrap white ribbon around the cupcake
and tie with canary yellow string.

Welcome to Spring!

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Thanks again to Chloe for her efforts 
in shaping such a successful blog hop. 
Use the links below throughout the week.

Monday, March 13, 2017


It's that time of year for soft pastels...
so let's mix it up with cobalt blue!

The Greek key chargers are an easy DIY.

Cut the fabric a few inches larger than the charger. 
Apply a thick coating of Mod Podge 
to both sides of the charger 
with a more concentrated amount on the edges.
Wrap the fabric around the charger.
Apply Mod Podge to the front and back of the fabric.

Here's a view of the back...not perfect.

It's an excellent idea for the holidays!

Cotton-poly blend fabrics work well.
I don't recommend using flannel unless you're willing to chance it. 
The lower right square is flannel and "worked," 
although my first attempt was unsuccessful 
with a beautiful flannel in a forest green plaid.
These are not dishwasher safe chargers, 
but I've used them several times 
and have had no casualties.
Back to the table...

Glue ribbon to the eggs, tying a bow at the top.
With the white (unfortunately, no longer sold) grass 
strewn about and the abstract style painted eggs, 
this scape is one of my favorites.
It's a glorious mess!  

For the eggs,
blob and swirl the paint 
put the two colors on the egg 
drag a tiny paintbrush or wire through the two colors.

The egg above and the two eggs on either side 
of the rabbit below
have a pearl white and metallic paint which give a shine.  
I prefer the matte egg in the bowl below,
but my most favorite is in an upcoming post.


The Rabbit Peter

In 1902, a mischievous bunny
hopped into the pages of a classic.

Whether or not 
the tale is to your liking,
the drawings of this beloved little rabbit 
are a quintessential standard.

Beatrix Potter creates an immortal story 
with her recognizable style.

Her little bunny's quite new jacket,
left behind in a particular garden,
is declared a color for paint.

The British writer's signature creativity 
dons countless nursery walls and shelves...
and peacefully graces our table.