Saturday, October 22, 2016

Halloween Home Tour

It's such a colorful (creepy) time of year with the cool air and changing leaves,
just add a few Halloween accents
 and bring the (spooky) season inside to enjoy.

A black ruffled wreath sets the (macabre) holiday tone at the (creaky) front door.
Coffee filters are painted black and secured to a frame with a bow,
 as spiders creep along the ribbon.

The Headless Horseman marks his (frightful) path.

Always plan on a few (uptown) rats. 
Boas are wrapped around a small wooden wreath
hung with a black ribbon.

The larger pumpkins and (charming) rats are brushed in silver
while the skulls are painted in black.

The once white skeleton hour glass 
receives an (ominous) silver wash
black highlights.

The (relentless) Headless Horseman rides again.
Painted brooms are nestled near a frame
tiny orange pumpkins become black with silver stems,
atop votive candle holders...also painted black.

Halloween cloth is cut (slashed), cut and cut, 
while the pumpkin and (irresistible) rats
are brushed with the last drop of paint.

Thanks for visiting and Happy Halloween!

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