Monday, December 19, 2016


Happy Salutations! 
It's a busier-busy week 
full of family fun and schedules, 
but pause for a moment
and consider a small tableau
from me...

Gray and white
for the hourglass and rocking horse.


It spoked to me in white...


A silver hue planned for later.

The Yuletide picnic
 with a lumberjack...who's in?

A Snowdrift Christmas

The Scots 
are back in town.

Thanks for visiting. 

Monday, December 12, 2016


Welcome to another week,
just before the other week
of that one glorious day.

Open the door.

The Scots arrive and leave their best. shall live forever.

A bit of merry 
is added to the sideboard.
Additionally, and just because, the top right print is a Klimt. 
The world associates the artist with gold squares, circles and particular women...such a soft, muted departure.  
No, it's unfortunately not an original. 

Behind the candles and pine cones,
King Lear in the Storm, 
George Romney.

A little sparkle and shine,

Kris Kringle and tassels,

berries and greenery,

ribbons and horns,

to honor 

First Christmas Family.

Amid the 
happy splendor, 
give thanks for the 

Sunday, November 27, 2016


The color that transforms 
into a clean, crisp, classic,
brightens our 
Christmas mantel.

to a white-out mantel
at the last minute,
simply offers a reason to grab 
a little more glue 
and a bigger brush!

The NOEL letters, 
originally covered in silver glitter,  
stand out with a fresh coat of white paint.

Silver glitter creates a perfect texture under the paint.

Wrap berries and ribbon 
around the    
nutcrackers, christmas tree
and urn 
after painting.

There are no white Christmas stockings,
(worth purchasing at this late date)
 and without a sewing machine,
burlap is the obvious answer.  
Oops, no white burlap
the stockings are painted white.

The burlap is cut, painted and glued together.
A wide ribbon 
and thin red accent 
are placed atop to complete the design. 

No white garland?  

Thanks for visiting
enjoy your day!

Buffalo Al Fresco

The holidays!  
Those crisp temperatures 
make it a perfect time 
to entertain with warm holiday reds...


just include a few apples, paper and bows
atop pinecones and greens.     


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Monday, November 21, 2016

Thanksgiving-Paint It!

with family and friends, 
we gather 
with thankful hearts 
raise a glass in solidarity.  
to you and yours!

This festive Thanksgiving table 
has a few 
"before and after" details using 
(wait for it...)
We begin with the 


The candleholders are brightened with
gold, black and green paint.

The urn 
holding the pumpkin
is also a painted "after."
It is several years old so there is no "before,"
but here is a full view.

The urn is not
pottery or stone, 
but thin glass.  
With those lines and texture, 
it was destined to be a different color.

Organza is wrapped around the napkins.

Paint creates a bit of freedom in decorating.  

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